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Concrete Bromley

With over 20 years’ experience, King Concrete supplies high-quality and ready-mixed concrete to domestic and trade consumers in Bromley and across London. We guarantee the perfect mix whatever the requirements thanks to our concrete experts at any time.

From domestic shed bases to large-scale commercial buildings, our supplies can cover a large variety of projects no matter the size. Furthermore, King Concrete experts are always available to guide and help you choose the most suitable concrete mix for any of your projects.

Supplied concrete from us can either be Ready-Mixed in cases where you are opting for a straightforward pour or mixed on-site in instances where you need to adjust the mix on the job. To avoid under-ordering or using more concrete than necessary, opting to have the cement mixed on-site ensures you pay for what you use.

Ready-Mixed Concrete in Bromley

Having six states of the art, high-tech mixing Lorries on the go, King Concrete can have your required cement mix poured at your location in seconds into one of our concrete pumps, barrows, or other instruments.

The Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is a quality assured as it is produced under well-controlled conditions using consistent and quality raw materials. These raw materials used have a little environmental impact when extracted as well as being in plentiful supply. The ingredients include water, aggregate, and last but not least, cement.

RMC provides the added advantage of minimizing expenses by cutting down on consumption. The process is eco-friendly since the use of bulk cement eliminates the need for packing, unlike bagged cement which causes dust pollution and waste.

Mixed On-site Concrete in Bromley

King Concrete’s volumetric mixing plant and pumping vehicles, which also are state of the art, provide flexible servicing to ensure precise and quality concrete at any location. Having a fast and efficient emptying capacity, each vehicle holds up to 11m3 per load and offers straight pour or emptying into barrows depending on your preference. A 9m high chute on each car can also come in use for hard to reach places.

Using the very latest in digital metered delivery, the mixing trucks can ensure you the customer gets the precise amount of concrete you will need. This ensures you end up paying for what you need thus removing the extra unwanted cost incurred through waste disposal charges and the number of deliveries required.

Unlike RMC, the mixed on-site concrete guarantees max completion time as well as a better quality product as one can adjust the wetness or dryness of the concrete at the site. This enables you to change the mix on the job as it can factor in varying environmental factors to suit the application better. Mixing can also be started and stopped on demand as raw materials are available on-site in the Lorries.

Concrete Floors in Bromley

Providing its selection of concrete grades, King Concrete ensures a perfect match for one’s concrete flooring needs. Due to the expertise gained over the 20 years, we understand your flooring needs, hence providing the highest quality concrete with exceptional value for money along with our excellent services.

In cases where a concrete subfloor already exists underneath the other flooring material, whether in grade or below grade locations, installing a concrete floor will involve removing whatever substance has been placed over it. This reduces the carbon footprint to nil as no new material is produced, hence preventing depletion of resources.

The concrete flooring used is known for being resilient and extremely tough, thus being able to withstand the pressure exerted by heavy machinery or equipment such as trucks, forklifts, or cars. This provides a wide range for its application which include:

  1. Workshop flooring
  2. Steps
  3. Conservatory flooring
  4. Light or moderate industrial flooring
  5. Garage flooring

To find out more details concerning our flooring services, call our expert team on 0203 893 2292 to inform us of what you require.

Concrete Screeds Bromley

King Concrete boasts of providing the highest quality traditional cement/sharp/sand screed, unlike many other concrete companies that provide pre-produces floor screed. The quality of the Screed is maintained by blending the material on-site, thus giving you the freshest Screed in the exact amount you require.

The company also provides an option to add retarders to your Screed if required. These retarders are used to slow down the cement content hydration, thus prolonging its set time. This gives you the extra time to work with the given material during construction./p>

Fibres can also be added to the screed mixture to prevent shrinkage. This is as well as increasing the strength and absorbency of the Screed. These fibres, which consist of high-density monofilaments, avoid cracking settlement and increases the impact resistance as a result./p>

Floor screed can be applied onto either pre-cast concrete floor units or solid in-situ concrete ground floor slabs. It consists of a cementitious material resulting from mixing cement and sharp sand with a 1:3 ratio or 1:4.5 ratio respectively./p>

The screed can either be laid unbounded onto a suitable moisture-proof membrane which is placed over a slab or directly bonded onto the base. It can also be used as a light finish placed over a layer of rigid insulating material./p>

Producing Screed is an integral part of King Concrete service; thus, we pride ourselves on making a quality product on mixed on-site that rivals any form or ready mixed Screed as well as being competitively priced. This guarantees you, convenience during delivery in terms of location, time, and quantity depending on the order.

Concrete Pump Hire

Despite the 9m concrete chutes on our vehicles which come in handy for hard to reach areas, cases where site-access may be restricted, or manual transportation using barrows may not be feasible will require the use of concrete pumps. King Concrete also provides concrete pump hire services to ensure delivery wherever you need it both quickly and efficiently. The concrete pumps provided are available in either boom or landlines with each option having a boom pump or a landline pump reaching 45m for the latter used across the land.

King Concrete provides the same or next day delivery of modern and reliable concrete pumps directly to any location of your choice. Where site access is difficult in situations such as distance from the roadside, at higher heights, below ground, indoors, or areas accessed by other buildings, the company offers all the necessary equipment to meet these challenges and get the delivery wherever it’s needed.

Customers are also guaranteed to get the most from our services as both concrete and pumping vehicles can be provided to the site simultaneously, thus ensuring no delays when working. King Concrete services are carried out from its main depot in Croydon and operates six days a week within the local area and across Surrey, Kent and London.

Concrete Bromley
Concrete Bromley
Concrete Bromley

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