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Concrete Crawley

King Concrete is an accepted mix-on-site and ready mix concrete supplier in Crawley. We have over 20 years of experience supplying high-quality concrete to domestic and commercial customers across Sussex, London, and Kent. Besides, we also provide professional pump services.

We are a family-owned company, and our business activities incorporate sustainable development goals such as environmental, social, and economic goals. That’s why we use recycled water in our production processes and recycle all of our waste concrete.

When it comes to delivery, we are very reliable. This is because the latest computer technology controls our vehicles. The vehicles enable us to meet your timelines appropriately. All you required to do is to tell us your exact time.

Ready Mixed Concrete in Crawley

When it comes to concrete, ready mix concrete in Crawley is the best. This is because of our high tech mix Lorries. The Lorries can be emptied in the required site in seconds or poured into one of the concrete pumps or barrows, as per the requirements.

You should be assured of the quality because the concrete is produced by quality raw material. The raw materials that are used include water, aggregate, and cement. The products are plenty in supply and rarely affect the environment in terms of their extraction.

Ready-mix concrete in Crawley minimizes various expenses and its eco-friendly. For instance, it eliminates cement waste through the use of bulk cement instead of bagged cement. Bulk cement also reduces dust pollution.

Mixed On-Site Concrete in Crawley

Mostly we use high-tech volumetric mixing plants and pumping vehicles in our services. This allows us to be flexible in our service provision, and also it enables us to produce mixed on site concrete in Crawley that meets the customer’s prescriptions. Also, our measurements are standard and intact.

Each of our vehicles can hold up to 11m3 per load and are fast and efficient when it comes to emptying. Also, they are very efficient in straight pouring and barrow pouring. And if your project’s site is difficult to reach, you should not worry; our vehicles’ chutes can get up to nine meters; hence, they can handle such tasks.

We also use the latest state-of-the-art mixing trucks to mix on site concrete in Crawley. The trucks have a digital metered delivery. This ensures that you get the right amount of concrete hence, eliminating costly waste disposal charges. And also it minimizes the number of deliveries.

Mixed on site in Crawley will enable you to have the quality product for your project and maximize the finishing time. We adjust the concrete’s wetness or dryness; also, we change the mix on the job to suit the application. With the raw materials in our Lorries, we can mix on site concrete in Crawley at any time you wish.

Concrete Floors in Crawley

King Concrete provides one of the best concrete floors in Crawley. We provide selected substantial grades, and we ensure they perfectly meet your flooring expectations. Understanding your flooring needs is paramount to us and, thanks to our 20 years’ experience, our concrete floors services and product lead in the market.

In most cases, we uninstall the concrete subfloor beneath the flooring material in grade and below-grade locations. This is because we want to create level ground. Concrete floors in Crawley does well in a leveled ground.
Concrete flooring is extremely tough and resilient and can withstand the pressure from hefty equipment such as cars, trucks, and forklifts.

Their applications include:

  • Conservatory floors
  • Steps
  • Garage floors
  • Workshop floors
  • Light/moderate industrial floor

For more about our products and services, give us a call on 0203 893 2292; we will meet your expectations.

Concrete Screeds in Crawley

Our concrete screeds in Crawley is a high-quality traditional cement sharp-sand screed. Unlike many other screeds, our concrete floor screeds are fresh and original. This is because we make them on the site, and we ensure every factor of your prescription is included.

Sometimes we do add retarders. Retardants slow down cement’s hydration and content. Also, they prolong the set time, therefore, you will have enough time to work.

Also, we add fibers to the mixture of your screed. The fibers consist dense monofilaments, which prevent shrinkage and settlement cracking. Also, it increases the screed’s firmness and absorbency. Fibers also increase impact resistance.

Concrete screeds is a mixture of 1:3 or 1:4.5 sharp sand cement ratio. It can be applied either on the ground floor slab’s in-situ concrete or pre-cast floor units.

The screed may be right bonded to the base or an appropriate damp proof layer that’s put on the slab’s top. Screeding is an integral part of Concrete services.

This means King Concrete will provide you with quality quantities of screeds when you need them. All you need is to make a call and give us your screeds requirements. Immediately our experts will brief you on the way forward.

Concrete Pump Hire

We also provide a concrete pump for hire services. Our vehicles’ chutes can reach nine meters; hence, they are beneficial for jobs that are somehow difficult to access. However, if the site is inaccessible for manual transportation and the barrow is not feasible, then hiring a concrete pump is a good alternative. Our concrete pump hire service allows you to get the concrete to the exact destination. Also, our pumps are quick and efficient. They are available in either boom or land-line. The boom pump allows you to pump concrete at any height while land-line pumps can reach 45 meters across the land.

You can hire our pumps within the same day of the mixing or a day to mixing. We deliver them on the project site at any time. And if your site has any accessibility challenges, our equipment will reach it, and the project will continue as usual. Working with us enables you to avoid unnecessary delays.

To avoid unnecessary hiccups, every operation is conducted on the customer’s site. That’s why we bring both our pumps and concrete vehicles to the customer’s site. This saves a lot of time for your project. Meaning our workforce will concentrate on the project at hand without any interruptions; therefore, your project will be completed within the stipulated time.

All of our concrete services are carried out from our main Crawley depot and operate six days a week in the local area and across London, Surrey, and Kent.

Why should you choose King Concrete?

You should choose us because of the following reasons:

  • Prices, our products, and services are worth every penny. Compared to our competitors, we are the cheapest.
  • High standards, our technicians are highly trained when it comes to safety and operational standards. Our operations are risk assessed; hence, they comply with H & S standards.
  • Excellent customer care services, our customer care comprises of native speakers. Also, they are trained in every aspect of our operations. This is to ensure that they provide you with appropriate responses. Also, our drivers are HGV licensed and qualified.
  • Modern fleet, for the prompt delivery, we use the latest computer-controlled vehicles.
  • Free delivery, we don’t charge to deliver our orders.
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