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Concrete Epsom

With our practical know-how and over 20 years of experience in providing high-quality concrete, King Concrete will help accomplish your projects quickly and professionally. Our wealth of knowledge in the industry and strict adherence to the concrete standards ensures that we meet all your requirements.

Whether you need the most refined grade concrete for your DIY projects, driveway or your shed base, we provide the best solution to meet diverse domestic concrete needs. Further, we can deliver on time for one-off, smaller or larger commercial projects. We have moved from strength to strength in providing the most refined mix on site and ready mix concrete in Epsom.

Our fully trained and highly skilled team will also advise you on the most appropriate strength and mix for your project. We offer more than just concrete delivery. We provide the exact quantities to ensure that you only pay for the amount needed. Please keep reading to know more about us.

Ready-mix Concrete Solutions

We provide ready mix concrete in Epsom that equally meets both residential and significant project’s needs. We use the state of the art technology to produce various mix designs, ensuring that you can achieve the exact blend for your project. Plus, we are very flexible, and in case you need to change your mix within a short notice, we will sort you out.

We formulate each batch to meet individual needs and to efficiently take care of your requirements even after changing your construction plans. With our ready mix solution, you can be sure that you are causing no harm to the environment. We use water, cement, and the aggregate then recycle the leftover materials to eliminate any environmental concerns.

We also produce the ready mix concrete using sophisticated equipment and tools to help you come up with high-quality foundations for a successful project. Besides, it will help speed up the construction process and save on labour cost as well, so that you complete your project within budget.

Volumetric Concrete

We have a fleet of volumetric concrete mixer trucks to provide mix on site concrete in Epsom. We calculate and formulate each batch with high precision, to adjust the component’s ratios on-site to match your needs. While working if you are working on a larger project, we can provide large enough volumetric mixers and smaller ones for smaller projects to minimize waste.

With our mix on-site services, you can change or extend your order and enjoy some fresh concrete no matter what. Besides, you have the chance to specify the consistency of the concrete you would like to have since we quickly alter the mix on-site. King Concrete provides the perfect water to concrete ratio that helps it bond better and stays stronger to create a long-lasting foundation.

We can also produce multiple batches of different mixes one after the other, for instance, if you need a dry or lean industrial-grade concrete. Our mobile concrete batching plant carries different aggregates on various compartments to produce the exact amount of concrete needed with no leftovers. You, therefore, pay for the amount used with no excess charges.

We batch up and pour the concrete in a fast and efficient rate to match up with the most seasoned construction workers.

Concrete Flooring

We also provide robust and highly durable concrete floors in Epsom. We deliver an excellent structural concrete that is difficult to damage, and considering the long life guaranteed, you may never need another flooring covering. The concrete has the potential to withstand heavyweight and therefore works best for constructional purposes.

Our dedicated professionals have adequate knowledge in concrete grinding concepts, and thus, uses quality aggregates to mix a wide range of varying strength of concrete floors suitable for any application. While mixing concrete flooring, we use coarse elements like gravel to give it sufficient strength and workability for structural applications.

It’s an economical, versatile, and non-combustible flooring solution ideal even in cases of fire applications. The concrete flooring contains some visible stone particles that help us avail a thicker consistency to achieve a very high compressive strength. We batch it to your exact specifications with varying mix designs to meet your requirements.

You can use our concrete flooring solutions for your:

High-quality Screed

Besides the robust and functional concrete flooring, King Concrete provides concrete screeds in Epsom, top layer that gives your floor a more refined look. It’s also durable, and we design it to withstand constant use and heavy traffic. For the screed, we use fine sand with smaller grains to give it a tightly packed texture that makes it ideal for top layer applications.

The screed will help protect your concrete floor making it more durable as well as gives it an even and levelled finish. We freshly mix the screed on-site with our volumetric mixers. We are therefore able to control the ratios produced and barrow or pump only the appropriate amount to your construction site to avoid wastage. Irrespective of whether you are working on a substantial commercial development or a small DIY project, we can deliver any screed volume. We help you create a smooth floor finish and improve your concrete floor’s aesthetic appeal.

Further, we use admixtures to enhance the bonding, reduce shrinkage and boost the screed’s waterproof capabilities. We also add retarders when necessary to improve workability by prolonging the set time, and fibres to enhance concrete strength and reduce cracking. You will receive sufficiently thick concrete screeds based on the type of floor and traffic intensity expected.

We also ensure that you receive compact enough screed that acts as a heat conductor to add on the underfloor heating system. Since screed is an essential component in any concrete floor, you need a good quality option that perfectly forms a bond with concrete and any other slab that you intend to use. You can always check-out King Concrete where quality is guaranteed, promising best value for your money.

Concrete Pump for hire

Capable of accessing numerous locations, we avail various concrete pumping trucks for hire at affordable prices. We aim at ensuring that you pour concrete at your project site with minimal stress without having to use wheelbarrows or mini dumpers. With our large fleet of landline concrete pumps, you can pour concrete efficiently through any obstacles or hard to reach areas.

You can also choose to go for the boom pump hire option that features a robotic arm to help position the pipeline in place to allow easy pouring when constructing in tree or building filled areas. Our concrete pumping services ensures that you enjoy some highly accurate and concrete placement with zero material wastage or delays.

For any construction process, speed matters a lot and our concrete pumps will help increase the pouring speed so that you can meet all your deadlines without compromising on quality. Besides, it eliminates the need for labourers to carry the batches manually, helping you save on labour cost, and you can use the extra workforce on other essential activities for your project. Besides, it will help you save a considerable amount in the long run since the pump maintains the concrete’s inherent strength to prevent future maintenance and repair needs.

Ordering concrete in Epsom couldn’t be easier. Reach out to us to arrange your delivery, and you only pay for the exact amount you use. If you feel ready to place an order or if you wish to talk to our team for further clarifications, contact us on 02038932292.

Concrete Epsom
Concrete Epsom
Concrete Epsom

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