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Concrete Floors

King Concrete provide a selection of concrete grades, each selected to ensure they perfectly meet your concrete flooring requirements. Understanding your flooring needs is of paramount importance to us and, thanks to expertise gained in over twenty years experience in the industry, we  supply the highest quality concrete along with excellent service and exceptional value for money.

In most cases, a concrete subfloor already exists beneath another flooring material in grade and below grade locations. That means that installing a concrete floor is just uninstalling anything that has been placed over it. Because no new material is produced, there is no carbon footprint or depletion of resources.

Concrete flooring is extremely tough and resilient, and can withstand the pressure from very heavy equipment such as cars, trucks, forklifts. It applications are numerous including

  • Conservatory floors
  • Steps
  • Garage floors
  • Workshop floors
  • Light/moderate industrial floor

To find out more about our concrete floor services, give our expert team a call on 0203 893 2292 to discuss your requirements.

Concrete Floor being poured
Concrete Floors

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