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Concrete for Gardening and Landscaping Projects

If you need concrete for part of your DIY gardening or landscaping project; for a pond, pathway, or footings for a fence or wall, the team at King Concrete can help you get the perfect mix to provide a long lasting and suitable structure.

Concrete provides a long lasting and versatile building and or landscaping material, so it is ideal to withstand the weather and provide a sturdy base for your garden project.

Getting the right mix and ratio of ingredients is key to make sure your concrete provides the support you need. Here at King Concrete, we can recommend the ideal type of concrete for your gardening or landscaping project. The most commonly used concrete for lightweight garden projects, depending on the strength needed, are:

C7/8 (GEN 0)
C10 (GEN 1)
C15 (GEN 2)

Benefits of a Concrete for Garden or Landscaping Projects:

  • Long lasting, resilient and durable
  • Low strength for non light applications
  • Low maintenance and easy to pour
  • Cost effective and easily available

Why Choose King Concrete for your Gardening or Landscaping Concrete

Whatever type of gardening or landscaping project you have underway, a new path, patio, built-up area or even a pond, the team at King Concrete are on hand to help you get the right results. Our expert advice will make sure your DIY project lasts for years to come.

We don’t need exact measurements and specific figures to provide your concrete. We often work with rough guesses and send out a volumetric mixing truck to mix up your concrete on site. This means we can mix the right amount once we arrive on site, so you don’t need to pay for any excess, and won’t get a shortfall. We can also provide line pumps or boom pumps, to pump the concrete down a pipe to the exact required location – ideal if your garden is inaccessible to our vehicles.

Simply give us a call today and let the expert team at King Concrete offer you professional and friendly advice to ensure the perfect concrete and service for your gardening project.

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