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Concrete Pump Hire

If you are rushing to get construction work finished due to deadlines or delays, then you will know the importance of having the right equipment behind you. At King Concrete Ltd we provide a concrete pump service, ensuring the right tools to get the job done.
Pumping the concrete means we can deliver it to almost any location, wherever your site is situated, we can provide you with concrete – where you need it and when you need it.

Benefits of our concrete pumps

A concrete pump can streamline your work process as they are able to move more cubic meters of concrete per hour than other methods. The flexible nature of our concrete pumping system means it can be run over, under or behind obstacles. As it is contained, spills are minimised. This method also eliminates the need for wheel barrows, thereby reducing associated labour costs, speeds up the job and helps to keep the site clean.

A mobile concrete pump offers versatility and can place concrete directly where it is required where conventional access is restricted. As such, concrete pumps are commonly used for new builds, footings, subsidence work, stairs, columns, beams, cellars, flooring, general building, slab work, extensions, bridges, and swimming pools.

Types of static concrete pump

There are two types of static concrete pump available – land line and boom. When requesting this service please specify which type you require. Boom pumps are used to pump concrete at height or where access prohibits the use of a land line pump.

A pump will stay on site for up to 5 hours without additional charge. The standard distance for a land line pump is 45 meters. There is no restriction on the maximum quantity of concrete to be pumped.

Delivery options

We provide same and next day hire of modern and reliable concrete pumps, and will deliver direct to your site when you need it. If your site is difficult to access, either a distance from the roadside, below ground, at a height, indoors or accessed by another building, we have the equipment that enables us to reach it.

Additional Services

We can provide a professional barrowing and laying service on request. When ordering this service please provide the distance to be barrowed from the kerb side and whether or not there are any obstructions i.e is the service flat or inclined.

Technical specifications

Our modern fleet of concrete pumps come equipped with pumping range of 50 meters. Upon request we can pump up to a distance of 150 meters.

  • We can pump up to 50 cubic meters of concrete per hour
  • Vehicle Width: 6ft (1,830mm)
  • Vehicle Length: 15ft (4,570mm)

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