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Concrete Reigate

With over two decades of experience, King Concrete provides the best quality, ready-mixed concrete for both home and professional use to London-based clients and the Reigate area. No matter whether you are looking for business or domestic purposes, King Concrete’s specialists will deliver concrete mixed to perfection, from first order to last.

Here at King Concrete, we supply concrete suitable for a range of different projects. No matter if you are tackling a home renovation project, or need concrete for large scale commercial tasks, there is always a specialist on hand to guide you through the process.

Our concrete is available as both ready mixed, for those looking to pour on immediately, or can be mixed on-site to suit each individual project as per your needs. Many clients may prefer concrete to be mixed on-site, as this also offers greater control as to how much concrete you will need for your project, with the ability to use and mix as you progress.

Concrete Ready Mixed in Reigate

Our fleet of six Euro lorries are complete with state of the art technology, allowing concrete to be poured on-site or into concrete pumps or barrows as required.

Produced under the strictest quality control conditions, our RMC (ready mix concrete), comes with complete peace of mind and assurance of the highest quality. Made with cement, aggregate and water, our RMC is not only a durable and sturdy building concrete, but environmentally friendly too.

This is because opting to use our ready mix concrete also cuts down on the waste associated with using bagged cement, offering minimal pollutants such as dust and excess packaging, along with being a low carbon footprint choice.

Concrete Mixed On-Site in Reigate

Using the most technologically advanced pumping vehicles and volumetric mixing plant, King Concrete provide a service that is fast, efficient and reliable. With a loading capacity of up to 11m3, each of our lorries can offer a bespoke pouring choice, either barrows or straight pour, depending on your project needs and preference. Moreover, their 9m chutes are perfect for tasks located in tricky to reach areas.

Each King Concrete vehicle also carries cutting edge digital tracking measures, enabling us to offer all our clients digitally metered delivery. This means never getting overcharged for concrete again, with total control of how much concrete is being ordered and how many deliveries are required. No more costly fees for waste disposal!

Mixing concrete on-site can be a great option for those looking to maximise their time and still have a top quality end result. Our experts can adjust all factors on-site, including wetness and dryness, so each mix will be perfectly ready to use to suit the environmental factors present and the task at hand. Our lorries carry all the materials needed, so our experts will have everything they need on-site to start and stop as required.

Options for Concrete Floors in Reigate

With a selection of grades to choose from, King Concrete have everything you need to create your perfect bespoke concrete floor. As leaders in concrete flooring for over 20 years, our experts will ascertain all the details of your flooring needs first before making our recommendations. Our experts provide unparalleled specialist advice and top quality concrete, all at very competitive prices.

Many structures already have some semblance of concrete flooring beneath other existing floor, making the addition of concrete flooring a straightforward process once this other flooring has first been removed. With no new materials required, this process is very eco-friendly with zero carbon footprint.

Concrete flooring is built to last, and is a tough and durable material that makes it ideal for use under high pressure vehicles and equipment, for example forklift trucks or cars. Other popular uses include:

  • Floors for conservatories
  • Stairways and steps
  • Floors for garages and outbuildings
  • Floors for workshops or sheds
  • Any industrial flooring with light to moderate pressure needs

For more information or to speak to one of our concrete specialists today, please call 0203 893 2292 for expert help and advice.

Concrete Screeds in Reigate

Along with our state of the art concrete flooring options, King Concrete also offer traditional screed too, with cement, sharp and screed options. Perfectly mixed, all our screeds are made to order and not mass produced, enabling each batch to be of the highest quality. Mixed on-site, all clients can expect the exact screed blend desired, with zero waste and no time delays.

Screeds with added retarders are also available. These ensure your screed sets more slowly, allowing for longer working times.

Fibres too can be added to our screed mixes. Using highly dense monofilaments in screeds can guard against settlement cracking, shrinkage and increases the absorbency levels and strength of the screed too, for greater impact resistance abilities.

Made with a ratio between 1:3 or 1:4.5 of cement to short sand, our flooring screed can be assembled into pre-made concrete floor units, or solid ground floor slabs for your convenience.

Flooring screed can be un-bonded or bonded to the damp-proof barrier applied above any concrete slabs. It may also be used over any chosen insulation material as a finishing surface layer. All screeds are mixed directly on-site by King Concrete and come with our customer satisfaction and price guarantee. Our no delay service promise means your screed will be ready exactly how and when you need it.

Pump Hire for Concrete

All King Concrete lorries come equip with a 9m chute, enabling them to deposit concrete in even the most tricky and hard to reach areas. A concrete pump is the best option to use when site access may be disrupted, or barrow access not suitable. With pump hire from King Concrete, you can rest assured your concrete will be deposited exactly when and where you require it. Our concrete pumps can be hired as either land-line or boom. Our land-line pump allows for a 45m reach across a variety of landscapes, whilst boom pumps can deliver concrete to a variety of height requirements.

King Concrete promise next day and same day pump hiring services, delivered direct to your site. Even if your site is restricted, hard to reach or has below ground or height issues, our specialist team has all the equipment needed to reach you on time.

We will also always deliver both pumping and concrete lorries to avoid any time delays and for maximum efficiency.

King Concrete are able to supply clients across London, Kent and Surrey from their Croydon based depot, with services available six days a week.

Concrete Reigate
Concrete Reigate
Concrete Reigate

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