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With twenty years supplying concrete and concrete services across London and the South of England, King Concrete have the experience and expert knowledge to consistently deliver a first rate product and service. This wealth of experience and our well-established position in the industry allows us to supply you with the best quality concrete and screed services at the best possible prices. With 98% of our deliveries arriving within their designated 2-hour window, you can rest assured that the job won’t get held up.  We also specialise in laying, pumping and barrowing services. In short, whatever your concrete needs, you can rely on King Concrete to deliver what you need, when you need it, each and every time.

Our staff are happy to work to your specifications, if you need the work carried out at night or weekends then we can accommodate your needs. It can be difficult sometimes to know the exact measures of concrete needed, but we are able to work with rough measurements and we will always provide a flexible professional service.

We will mix everything on site, and you only pay for what you use, which means you can cut back on costs as well as improve quality control. We can also offer same day delivery, depending on availability. We always strive to provide the most reliable and trust worthy service possible.

King Concrete Ltd use state of the art volumetric lorries which allow us to provide a flexible service and ensure both quality concrete and precise measures. Each vehicle can hold up to 11m3 per load with a fast and efficient emptying capacity, either by straight pour or into barrows, whichever is more suitable or preferred by the customer. The chutes on our vehicles reach up to 9 meters and are especially useful for jobs that may be more difficult to reach.

All our operators are very experienced drivers and concrete technicians, their expertise and good manner will ensure your job is easy and stress free. Whatever the task you are undertaking, you will need the right team alongside you, and King Concrete Ltd are there when you need us.

Whatever the quantity, our modern fleet of vehicles can deliver the load with ease. We ensure the process is quick and easy so you can focus on your project. King Concrete Ltd will provide a no stress, no mess solution to your concrete or screed requirements. Contact us today and we will be happy to serve you.

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