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Types Of Concrete

Concrete can be mixed in a number of different ways, depending on the application and environmental factors. Selecting the right mix is critical to the success of any construction project. King Concrete mix and supply a wide range of concretes of different strengths and grades, covering all application types.

Whilst most concrete is mixed use the same core materials (cement, water and aggregate – commonly sand and stone) in differing ratios. Some types of concrete require the addition of materials or chemical additives, namely:

  • Fibres: Increase strength, reduce cracking/shrinkage.
  • Plasticisers: Improve workability and flow.
  • Retardants: Slow setting rate.
  • Accelerants: Speed up setting rate.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: – Reduce steel rebar corrosion.

Here at King Concrete, we can deliver a wide range of concrete types to suit any project, commercial or domestic, large or small. If you’re unsure what type of concrete you need for your project, simply contact our expert, friendly team to discuss your requirements and we’ll help you find the right concrete or screed to suit your needs.

Concrete Mixes

Concrete products are made from cement, water and aggregates, and depending on any specific requirements you have, we can also include a range of additives to suit different projects. Concrete reaches its full strength after 28 days.

Concrete Strengths

C7/C8 – GEN 0

  • IDEAL FOR: Cavity filling, roadside kerbing, domestic foundations, erecting posts & haunching.

  • STRENGTH: 7/8 Newtons after 28 days.

C7/8 is used for roadside kerbs, erecting posts and general use. C7 & 8 concrete mix, Gen 0 concrete or wet lean mix concrete, is commonly used in both commercial and domestic projects for a huge range of general applications, such as kerb bedding, haunching and backing, domestic foundations and blinding.

C10 – GEN 1

  • IDEAL FOR: Foundations for steps, trench fill, floor blinding, drainage works & non-load bearing walls.

  • STRENGTH: 10 Newtons after 28 days.

C10 concrete, or Gen 1 concrete is an extremely versatile mix used throughout the construction industry for general and housing applications. This includes un-reinforced strip, trench fill and and agricultural applications, drainage works, blinding house floors, as well as pad foundations and non-structural mass concrete in non-aggressive ground conditions.

C15 – GEN 2

  • IDEAL FOR: Foundations for small walls, sheds & conservatories. Paving for steps and paths.

  • STRENGTH: 15 Newtons after 28 days.

C15 concrete or Gen 2 concrete is suitable for house floors with no embedded metal. It also provides the ideal material for flooring when no permanent finish or floor covering will be installed, such as carpet or tile.

C20 – GEN 3

  • IDEAL FOR: Foundations for large walls, garages, houses & extensions. Reinforced bases for sheds etc. Patio paving.

  • STRENGTH: 20 Newtons after 28 days.

C20 concrete mix and Gen 3 concrete is commonly used for lightweight domestic applications and foundations, such as driveways and garage, shed & workshop bases. It can also be used to construct internal floor slabs so long as they contain no embedded metal.

C25 – ST2

  • IDEAL FOR: Foundations and reinforced bases for houses & extensions, particularly where ground is soft. Trench fill, kerbing & patios.

  • STRENGTH: 25 Newtons after 28 days.

C25 standardised mix concrete or ST2 Concrete is widely versatile and used in numerous commercial and domestic projects. It is commonly used for footings and foundations, including mass concrete fill, trench fill and reinforced fill, as well as general groundworks. It can also be used for kerbing, infilling around manholes and small bases for external furniture, such as patios.

C30 – ST3

  • IDEAL FOR: Paving external kennels and reinforced hard standings. Reinforced bases for workshops and unreinforced bases for houses & extensions.

  • STRENGTH: 30 Newtons after 28 days.

C30 is the lowest strength concrete to consider for pathways and roadways on which heavy vehicles will be driving on regularly – such as yards, farms or HGV slipways. It is very durable and can resist climate changes and heavy weathering. It is also ideal for lighter use external applications, such as slabbing, as well as outdoor paved areas such as stables, driveways, walkways, patios and garages.


  • IDEAL FOR: Reinforced bases for commercial buildings, light agricultural storage areas and roadways where durability is key.

  • STRENGTH: 35 Newtons after 28 days.

C35 concrete is structurally strong, heavy use mix that is ideal for commercial structures and sites that will need to withstand heavy use. It is commonly used for structural piling and creating external slabs and walls. Other uses include commercial slabs including metal reinforcement and agricultural and construction industry containment areas such as yards and barns, raft foundations, piling and external slabbing and pacing that will be subject to the constant loading and scraping imposed by industrial vehicles and machinery.


  • IDEAL FOR: Foundations for septic tanks, slurry and silage pits, paving HGV parks and agricultural yards where chemical resistance required.

  • STRENGTH: 40 Newtons after 28 days.

C40 is a strong grade of concrete that is mostly used on commercial construction sites, where it will be utilised to create foundations and beams for support and roads. C40 is also used in chemically harsh environments where the additional strength can combat and contain acidic and hazardous chemicals – such as farmyard slurry and septic tanks.

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