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Concrete Surrey

With over 20 years of experience, King Concrete supplies high-quality, ready mixed concrete to both trade and domestic customers in Surrey. Regardless of your requirements, our experts always ensure you always get the perfect mix.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a domestic shed base or a large commercial building work, we will cater for all your concrete needs. Furthermore, our team of experts is always on standby. In case you need guidance where you are uncertain of the most suitable concrete in Surrey to mix for your project, they will offer you a helping hand.

If you’re looking for a straightforward pour on your site, we can supply ready to mix concrete in Surrey, or we can also offer Mixed On-Site options if you want to adjust the mix on site concrete surrey. Choosing mix on-site concrete in surrey means that you eliminate the risk of under-ordering or over-ordering concrete. Therefore, you only pay for what you use.

Ready Mix Concrete in Surrey

We have state-of-the-art ready mix, high tech Euro six lorries. These lorries will make sure your Ready-Mixed concrete is emptied into the required location in seconds. They can also pour into one of your barrows or concrete pumps depending on your requirements.

At King Concrete, we make sure we produce Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) using consistent quality of raw materials under controlled conditions. We do this to ensure you get quality assured concrete. We use aggregate, water and cement as the ingredients. These ingredients are in plentiful supply with lesser environmental impact while under extraction than other building materials.

When you opt for RMC, you minimise expenses since you cut down on material consumption. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendlier option in many different ways. For instance, using bulk cement instead of bagged cement eliminates packing needs, which reduces waste and dust pollution.

Mix on Site Concrete in Surrey

King Concrete offers flexible service and can supply you with superior quality concrete in precise measures because we use state-of-the-art pumping and volumetric vehicles. Each of these vehicles can hold up to 11m3 per load with a fast and efficient emptying capacity. It can be through straight pour or emptying into barrows, depending on your preference. Moreover, the chutes attached to these vehicles can reach up to 9 metres, which makes them very suitable for jobs with hard-to-reach areas.

Our team only uses the latest mixing trucks coming with top-tier features like digitally metered delivery. The feature is instrumental in ensuring that you get the precise amount of concrete needed for the project. This ensures you only pay for what you need. Therefore, you save on waste disposal costs and the number of deliveries.

Additionally, mixing concrete on-site gives you ample finishing time and quality product. We factor in different environmental factors to change the mix. Adjusting the mix can involve adjusting the concrete’s dryness or wetness. Moreover, we can start and drop the mixing on-demand since we have the raw materials on our lorries.

Concrete Floors in Surrey

We offer a selection of concrete floors, each selected to ensure they meet your particular flooring requirements. We value the importance of understanding your flooring needs, thanks to the experience and expertise gained in the industry’s 20 years in operation. That is why we supply not only quality concrete and excellent service but also exceptional value for money.

In most cases, a concrete subfloor already exists in addition to a flooring material in both grade and below grade sites. Essentially, this means that the installation of the concrete floor will mean uninstalling anything above it. Therefore, there will be no carbon footprint since you don’t produce new material or deplete resources.

We install extremely tough and resilient concrete flooring to ensure it withstands pressure from heavy equipment like forklifts, cars or trucks. It has several applications, some of which include:

  • Garage floors.
  • Steps.
  • Light to moderate industrial floor.
  • Conservatory floors.
  • Workshop floors.

If you wish to learn more about our flooring services, get in touch with one of our experts on 0203 893 2292 to discuss your flooring requirements.

Concrete Screeds in Surrey

At King Concrete, we provide a traditional sharp/cement/sand screed that is always of the highest quality. Our concrete screeds in Surrey are not pre-produced like what other concrete supply companies offer. We intricately blend your material on-site to ensure you get the freshest and the right amount of screed.
We can also add retarders to your screed when required. Retarders are instrumental in slowing down the hydration of the cement content; therefore, prolonging the set time. Hence, you will get more working time with the material.

Furthermore, we can also add fibres to the screed mixture. The fibres, which contain high-density monofilaments, help prevent settlement cracking, shrinkage, increase the absorbency, and impact the screed’s resistance and strength.

Usually, a floor screed is a cementitious material made from 1:4.5 or 1:3 ratio of cement to sharp sand. We can apply it onto a precast concrete floor unit or solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab.

We can either lay the screed unbounded onto a suitable damp proof membrane placed over the slab or bond it directly to the base. Alternatively, it is possible to apply it as a floating finish over a sturdy insulation material layer. This screeding process is an integral part of the services we offer, and we take pride in our mix on-site product. The product is equivalent to any other form of ready-mixed screed but competitively priced.

Therefore, King Concrete supplies you with the most convenient flooring screed services. It doesn’t matter where you want it, when you want or what quantity, we will deliver.

Concrete Pump Hire

Our vehicles have concrete chutes reaching up to 9 metres, which makes them very useful for jobs with hard-to-reach areas. However, if there is restricted site access or it’s not feasible to do manual transportation to the site, you can opt for the better option of hiring a concrete pump.

We offer concrete pump hire services that allow for easier delivery of concrete where needed quickly and efficiently. You can get these pumps in both land-line and boom. A land-line pump has a standard 45 metres reach and used across the land, whereas a boom pump is used at height.

King Concrete provides the same and next day hire services of modern and reliable pumps, delivered directly to your site when you need it. If your site isn’t easily accessible or a distance from the ground or roadside, indoors at height, you don’t have to worry because we have the equipment to deliver it.

We bring concrete and pumping vehicles on-site simultaneously for our customers to get the most of our services and get the job done without delay.

We offer all our services from our main surrey depot. We operate six days a week in the locality and across London, Surrey and Kent.

Concrete Surrey
Concrete Surrey
Concrete Surrey

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