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Concrete Sutton

If you ever need ready mixed concrete, concrete flooring, or concrete in Sutton, you can’t go wrong if you give King Concrete a call. With more than 20 years experience supplying domestic and trade customers with the best quality, ready-mixed concrete, we’re at the top of our game. If you want to be able to count on the perfect mix every time, we’re the company to have in your corner.

It makes no difference to us whether your project is big or small, size doesn’t put us off in any way. Over the years we’ve relished the chance to work on projects of all shapes and sizes, from a small domestic shed base right up to a large-scale commercial building. Our expert team will be right there beside you to guide and offer advice if you need it.

The concrete we supply can be ready-mixed or mixed on site. Which one is right for you depends on your circumstances. If you want a straight-forward pour, ready-mixed is the answer. However, if there’s a possibility you might need to adjust the mix, it’s better that we mix the concrete on site. A big bonus with mixing the concrete on site is that you don’t run the risk of under or over-ordering your concrete and you pay only for what you use.

Ready Mixed Concrete in Sutton: Mixed to Your Specifications

Here at King Concrete we use only state-of-the art, state-of-the-art Euro six lorries for delivering cement. This means we can empty your load into the required location is just a few seconds. Alternatively, we can pour it into a concrete pump, barrow, or whatever else you need.

The ready mix concrete (RMC) we deliver is produced under controlled conditions and we use only the best quality raw materials because we want to be able to provide our customers with quality assured concrete.

Ready mix concrete has a minimal impact on the environment because the ingredients we use, water, aggregate, and cement, are plentiful. It’s also an eco-friendly option for several other reasons. Bulk cement deliveries are far better for the environment than bagged cement because there is no packaging and dust we can keep pollution and waste to a minimum.

Have Your Concrete Mixed On Site in Sutton

During our 20 years experience in the industry, we’ve supplied a selection of concrete grades for a wide range of concrete flooring requirements. We can supply the highest quality concrete for applications such as:

  • Garage floors
  • Steps
  • Conservatory floors
  • Light or moderate industrial flooring
  • Workshop floors

Concrete flooring is very robust, tough, and resilient. It can withstand the weight of very heavy equipment, which makes it perfect for many applications.

If you want to know more about our concrete flooring services please give us a call. Our expert team will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the perfect solution.

High Quality Concrete Screed Sutton

Screed is made using sharp sand and cement, usually to the ratio of 1:3 or 1:4.5. You can apply screed onto precast concrete floor units or solid in-situ floor slabs made of concrete.

The concrete screed we supply is made in the traditional way using cement and sharp sand. It is not pre-produced, which makes our service far superior. We can guarantee the freshest screed because we blend the raw materials on site. It also means you can have the exact quantity you require and there is no waste.

If you need more time to work with the screed, we can add retarders. These slow down the hydration process of the cement and prolong the set time.

Shrinkage and settlement cracking can be an issue when using screed, but we can overcome this problem by adding fibres into the screed. These fibres also increase the strength and absorbency of the screed and increase its impact resistance.

We can directly bond the screed to a base or laid unbonded onto a suitable membrane which we place over the slab. Another option for application is as a floating finish over a layer of rigid insulation material.

Screeding is one of our services we’re very proud of here at King Concrete. Not only do we pride ourselves in the quality of the mix we provide for our customers on site. We also know it’s equal to any ready mixed screed and our prices are very competitive.

If you need a convenient flooring screed delivery service King Concrete are the ones to call. Whenever you need it, wherever you want it delivered, and in quantities that suit your needs.

Concrete Pump Hire for Those Difficult to Reach Places

There are times when concrete is needed in locations that are slightly more difficult to reach. This is when the concrete chutes on our vehicles come into their own. They can reach up to 9 metres and are perfect for jobs in awkward places.

You can get the concrete just where you need it with the help of our concrete pump hire service. And we do it quickly and efficiently. We have both boom and land-line pumps. The standard reach of the land-line pumpis 45 metres and is used across land. The boom pump is for delivering concrete at height.

Depending on your needs we can provide same or next day hire of our concrete pumps and to save any inconvenience, we’ll deliver it directly to your site. Don’t worry if the site is difficult to access because we’ve got the necessary equipment to reach it.

To help you get the most from our services we can bring along both pumping and concrete vehicles. It also means you can get your job done without any delays.

King Concrete carries out all concrete services from its main depot in Croydon. We operate Monday through to Saturday in the local area as well as across the capital, Surrey, and Kent.

Concrete Sutton
Concrete Sutton
Concrete Sutton

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