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Concrete Wandsworth

With over two decades of experience, King Concrete have been supplying domestic residences and businesses with ready mixed, superior quality concrete across Wandsworth and the wider London area for over 20 years. Their experienced team of concrete experts will create your bespoke concrete mix, wherever and whenever you need it. Available for a wide range of projects, from small residential renovations to grand scale commercial projects. You can trust our experts to guide you on the right concrete mix for your needs.

With the option to provide both Mixed on Site and Ready Mix concrete, we can always create a bespoke concrete mix to suit your project. For those who never want to run out of concrete or go over budget, Mixed on Site concrete ensures you are only ever paying for the concrete you need to use.

Wandsworth Ready Mix Concrete

With our fleet of 6 cutting-edge Euro lorries, King Concrete can provide concrete direct to your door or premises, and can include barrows or concrete pumps to suit your requirements.

Sometimes known as RMC, Ready Mix Concrete is only ever produced under the strictest of quality control conditions, to ensure all raw materials are up to our consistently high standards. By using cement, aggregate and water, our Ready Mix Concrete is both environmentally friendly and in ready supply.

Choosing to use Ready Mix Concrete is a great solution to keep costs low and also lessen any negative impact on the environment. Moreover, by avoiding the use of bagged cement, companies and homes can also significantly reduce their concrete carbon footprint too, along with less excess waste and unnecessary dust pollution.

Wandsworth Mixed on Site Concrete

Thanks to its fleet of cutting-edge pumping lorries and volumetric mixing plant, King Concrete is able to fit around your schedule, providing the right volume of concrete exactly when required. With a 11m3 per load capacity, each lorry can be emptied quickly and efficiently, with barrow or straight pour options. Their 9 meter chutes also help to make their lorries adept at reaching even the most hard to get to places.

Along with state of the art vehicles, King Concrete can also provide a digitally metered delivery service, in order to ensure all lorries only ever deliver the exact amount ordered. Not only does that make it easier to avoid the hassle of waste disposal charges, but it also gives peace of mind that only the right amount of concrete will be delivered for use. This also helps keep things eco-friendly by reducing the amount of deliveries required.

Mixed on Site concrete really is the best option to choose to ensure a smooth finish all whilst staying on schedule. Dryness and wetness can be adjusted to suit your needs, and the mix can always be changed on site if an environmental factor means an unexpected change is needed. As our lorries all carry the raw materials required, mixing to specification is never a problem for our expert team.

Wandsworth Concrete Floors

No matter what type of concrete flooring you are looking to install, King Concrete has a variety of options to suit your style and budget. Offering a series of concrete grades, King Concrete has over 20 years of experience when it comes to helping their customers find the best in concrete flooring. Their expert team can provide the exact concrete required, and are always available with help and advice whenever needed, all at very competitive prices.

Usually when installing a concrete floor, there will already be a subfloor beneath. This will often be in either a below grade or grade area. By utilising this existing subfloor, our professional team can easily install a concrete floor over this. Without the need for excess new materials, this makes it a very eco-friendly option.

As it is so tough and durable, concrete flooring is ideal for flooring that will be under heavy pressure. For example, garage floors or those underneath very large and heavy equipment, such as substantial vehicles and forklift trucks.

Other uses for concrete flooring include:

  • Steps
  • Flooring for Conservatories
  • Flooring for Workshops and Garages
  • Industrial Flooring for Light to Medium Use

For more information, please contact our professional and friendly team who will be able to advise on the right concrete for your needs on 0203 893 2292.

Wandsworth Concrete Screeds

Using traditional materials such as sand/sharp/cement screed, King Concrete only use the highest quality floor screeds, unlike some other companies. With screed blending to order on site, you can be assured that not only will the screed be of the highest quality, but that King Concrete will only ever make the exact amount required.

We are also able to provide retarders for screed. By using a retardant, the screed slows done in hydration, meaning more time before the concrete sets. This can be useful as it provides more time to work with the materials.

There is also the option to add fibres to the screed mix as and when required. By using fibres, such as high density monofilaments, this can then later prevent cracking or shrinking of the concrete as it sets. It can also provide greater absorbency, strength and resistance to any impact.

With a usual ratio mix of cement to sharp sand of 1:3 or 1:4.5, it is possible for the floor screed to be applied straight onto precast concrete flooring, as well as solid and previously situated concrete flooring.

There is the option for screed to be bonded directly to a base, laid on top of an appropriate membrane that is damp proof, or instead applied over a solid existing insulation material to achieve a floating finish. King Concrete are one of the leaders in floors screeds, and as such offer their customers a guarantee to always provide only the highest quality, mixed on site and ready mix screeds, all at great prices.

King Concrete provides top quality concrete flooring screeds along with the highest levels of customer service. Their convenient delivery service can provide exact measures of flooring screed whenever and wherever you need it.

Pump Hire for Concrete

With 9 meter chutes, our lorries can provide concrete to even the most hard to reach places. There are also barrow options for when an area may be too tricky to reach, or where restrictions are in place. Concrete pump hire is the best and fastest way to get your concrete exactly where you want it. Available as either land-line or boom, our pumps allow for both high level and far reaching concrete pumping, offering a distance reach of up to 45 meters.

Providing a next day hire service, King Concrete can deliver concrete pumps for hire as and when required. Modern and reliable, our concrete pumps are the perfect solution for those hard to reach, difficult areas, whether restricted access, below ground or high level. King Concrete will also make sure our pumps for hire provide the access you need, with specialist equipment also provided for significantly blocked off locations.

King Concrete will also provide pumps for hire and our concrete delivery service at the exact same time, so customers can be sure there will be no time wasted.

Operating 6 days a week from our main depot, King Concrete continues to serve customers all across Kent, Surrey and the greater London area.

Concrete Wandsworth
Concrete Wandsworth
Concrete Wandsworth

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