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Domestic Concrete

If you’re undertaking a DIY construction project, the team at King Concrete can provide the highest quality concrete for your requirements. Our domestic concrete can be supplied for foundations and footings, flooring and screed, a shed base, driveway or any other home project you have underway.

With more twenty years of experience supplying concrete products and services to domestic customers throughout London and the South, our team has the expertise to help you get the right grade, amount and type of concrete for your DIY project.

We can arrange same day and next day concrete deliveries within a 2-hour time slot that suits you, which is ideal if you’re completing your DIY project at the weekend or during the evening. 98% our concrete deliveries are supplied within this 2-hour window, so if you have limited time to get your project completed, you can be sure we will deliver your concrete exactly when you need it.

We provide a range of delivery methods, including directly from the chute (great for driveways next to the road) pumping and borrowing, so if your project site is difficult to reach, our team has the expertise to help you lay your concrete exactly where you need.

We can supply the manpower and barrows to help you manually transport your concrete into place, ideal if you only need a small amount of concrete, such as concrete for fence footings or a new floor in your home.

If not, our concrete pumps can deliver concrete much quicker and easier than barrowing as the concrete will be pumped directly to the required location. This is the ideal solution if your DIY project is at the end of your garden, such a new patio, shed base or summer house.

Our line pumps can transport concrete cleanly, up to 45 meters from the road, and our boom pumps can access sites at height or can be used to pump concrete over obstacles where our line pumps can’t reach. This means less mess and less spills in or around your home, and less effort, so you don’t need as many helpers to wheelbarrow the concrete and the job can be completed quicker.

To discuss the best concrete pump for your domestic project, give the team at King Concrete a call; we’ll be happy to chat about your project and recommend the right delivery method for you.

As a domestic customer, we wouldn’t expect you to know the exact amount of concrete for your DIY project. We offer an entirely flexible service, so we’re happy to discuss your project and the rough measurements and estimate the required amount. We can then provide a volumetric truck, which mixes your concrete on site. This means you always get the right amount, no waste or shortfalls, and you only pay for what you use making it much more cost effective for a DIY project.

All our drivers and technicians have years of experience and are friendly and approachable. So you can rely on our team to help you out, recommending the perfect products and services to suit your needs.

So if you’re looking for a stress free, easy and reliable domestic concrete supplier contact the team at King Concrete today.

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