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Ready Mix Concrete in Croydon

King Concrete Ltd based in Croydon have decided to return to the use of ready mix lorries. We have recognised that our customers want the choice of either a ready mix concrete or mix on site service, and we wanted to be one of the first companies in our area to provide it. We always strive to provide what our customers want, starting with choice, convenience and efficiency.

Our ready mix lorries are state of the art, high tech Euro six lorries. They can be emptied into the required location in seconds or poured into one of our concrete pumps, or barrows, whatever your requirements are.

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is produced under controlled conditions using consistent quality of raw material and therefore quality assured concrete. The ingredients used (water, aggregate, and cement) are plentiful in supply and have a lesser impact on the environment in their extraction than other building material.

Opting for Ready Mixed Concrete greatly minimises expenses as it cuts down on material consumption and is eco-friendly in a lot of ways as the use of bulk cement instead of bagged cement eliminates the need for packaging, reduces dust pollution and waste.

If your site has specific access requirements or hard to reach areas, you may wish to consider using our concrete pump hire service.

Visit our concrete specs page to check out the different types of concrete and how to calculate your requirements or contact us for further assistance.

Ready Mixed Concrete in Croydon
Ready Mixed Concrete in Croydon

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