Finding the Right Concrete for your DIY Project

Whether you’re a DIY expert, or you’re undertaking your first home improvement project, if you need concrete to support your build, you’ll need to make sure you get the right concrete for the job at hand.

If not, you could end up paying over the odds for high strength concrete you don’t need, or worse, getting a low strength concrete that will crack under the pressure of your project.

So how do you know what concrete to buy?

Firstly, you should always contact a reputable concrete supplier, like the team at King Concrete. If you don’t often handle concrete as part of your job, chances are you might need a little advice or guidance to not only get the right concrete, but to ensure it is laid correctly and finished properly. Our guys are friendly and experienced, and always happy to chat to you about your project to help you get the best result.

What project are you undertaking?

Driveway or garage:

If you’re laying concrete for a drive or garage base, you need a decent strength concrete to support heavy vehicles. We’d recommend C20 (GEN 3) concrete.

Shed base, patio, summer house or garden office:

For a small build that has no vehicle requirements, you can get a slightly lesser strength concrete. We’d recommend C15 (GEN 2) concrete.

A gardening or landscaping project:

DIY gardening or landscaping builds, such as a new pond or path, or if you require footings for a wall or fence, can usually be low strength concrete (depending on the size). We’d recommend: C7/8 (GEN 0), C10 (GEN 1) or C15 (GEN 2).

DIY flooring:

A concrete floor in a residential property will require a low-medium strength concrete, such as C15 (GEN 2) or C20 (GEN 3).

You may also need a screed to level and smooth a concrete floor prior to installing your floor covering. We’d recommend a Bonded, Floating or Unbonded Screed.

The Benefits of Concrete for DIY Projects

While concrete might not be the most environmentally friendly material, it is the most commonly used building material around the world for good reason. Not only is it long lasting, resilient and durable, it can be mixed to varying strengths to support projects and builds of any size, is very low maintenance and easy to install, and is also cost effective and easily available.

Access Solutions for Domestic Properties

You may be put off the idea of concrete because of the thought of wheelbarrowing concrete from the road to your project site. This can be particularly concerning if you would have to come through your home, because wheelbarrows can tip and spilled concrete can be difficult to clean away.

However, if your project site is tricky to get to, you could look into hiring a concrete pump to ensure fast, clean and easy delivery of your concrete to the required location. A line pump is a series of connected pipes that can be laid across the ground, or a boom pump can lift the pipes over obstacles like walls or even houses, to pour your concrete directly into place.

Getting the Right Amount of Concrete

If you’re undertaking a DIY project, opting for a reputable domestic concrete supplier, like King Concrete, ensures you’ll get the professional advice you need. We understand that concrete isn’t probably your day job, so we’re happy to work with your rough estimates to provide your concrete. We have a fleet of volumetric mixing trucks, so we can simply load up with the raw materials and mix up the concrete when we arrive at your house, pouring it out via a metered delivery system so you only pay for what you actually need.

Why Choose King Concrete for Your DIY Project

The team at King Concrete are always happy to chat to you about your project. We can help you get the right type and amount of concrete for your specific project, and we’ll be able to discuss the best delivery options to suit your needs. Not only that, but we can book a convenient 2-hour delivery slot at a time to suit you.

So if you need concrete for a DIY project, simply give our friendly and professional team a call today.